Friday, October 26, 2007

Good (Bad)

Note that I wrote the caption when the only thing on the page was the glass of water. Drawing glasses with liquids in them, all dripping of condensation, is an exercise in concentration. Everything felt good with the world when I had that the glass of water down pat. However, I have a tendency to add more and clutter a page, and then it goes all downhill from there. Do you even see the glass of water now? Sometimes when I see this, I love it. Other times, eh.


Ed Piskor said...

Hey Rina! No sweat. I gave up on the pirates right after Jim Leland left. Email me your address again. I have a newer mini to toss your way.

Are you compiling these journal pages into a book??

Rina Yay! said...

Ed, I'm planning on creating a mini-comic of most of these doodles. it should be available next year at one the comic shows. I'll keep ya posted. ALSO, i just sent you an email!