Monday, October 1, 2007

Is "furiate" a word?

Suffice it to say, I didn't win the scrabble game.


k. said...

i just realized....could you maybe have put "urinate"? i cant believe i didnt think of that.

Rina Yay! said...

OMG! you're right, see another blunder in my scrabble game...besides, not thinking to add "e" to "quip" for "equip"... see my scrabble skills are toast now.

k. said...

i had been drooling over putting an "e" on "quip" for half the game.
dont' feel bad, you took the spot where i was going to put a "z" on a corner where i would have gotten two double words, thus giving me like 40+ points. i wanted to put "zany", but couldnt get an "n".

David said...

Whoops, I think I posted my ,comments on the wrong page. I'm still new to this blogging craze.


P.S. I'm practicing my HTML

Rina said...

yeah, david you sent me an email instead. i emailed you back. you gotta send a comment through blogger. i like the HTML though, nice touch.