Monday, July 28, 2008

Overwhelming Wot-Not, For you!

Sorry no doodles, I was working on some pages for the upcoming new comic, but got swept away with this cold/allergy bug and I feel gross. But wait! I still have copies of the new comic I put together for Zine Fest, Overwhelming Wot-Not, so send me a comment if you would like copy.

Overwhelming Wot-Not
B/W, digest (54 pages)


i like applejuice said...

I'm bored. Is there anything cool to do in this lousy city?

travis (nichols)

josh said...

This comic is really good. I got it at Zinefest. Rina, you keep getting better and better.

joikmeister said...

I want a copy, Rina!
Are you gonna be at SPX this year?

Mark McM

Rina Yay! said...

Aw thanks Josh, you're my superhero. Mark, i won't be at SPX! But i can send you a copy straight-aways!