Thursday, February 12, 2009

an overdone bun in the oven

an overdone bun in the oven

Click on the image to get a bigger glimpse.


Annie said...

aww rina.

Mardou said...

Congratulations Rina! I guessed a while back when you did that page about having all that blood drawn, 'cos I'D just have tons of blood drawn. Ted (May) and I are expecting our little girl around June 19th. We're so excited.
When are you due??
all the best, Mardou

Rina said...

Aw, thanks Auntie Annie!

Mardou! Congrats to you and Ted! So awesome! Yeah, the blood tests were for all of this craziness! We're expecting a boy on July 3rd. I wish you all the best of health through this fun time!!