Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New podcast!

A panel from Gabrielle Bell's story, "Brooklyn".

Thien and I just posted a new episode of our comics podcast. This time, we got the opportunity to talk to the always delightful Gabrielle Bell about hew new Lucky comics blog. We also talk to our fellow cartoonist and friend Josh Frankel about Swedish comics. You can listen to the episode at the following link:


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Podcasts Galore!

Let's take a break from drawing, and listen to some cartoonists talk!

A new episode of "The Comix Claptrap", the comics podcast hosted by fellow cartoonist Thien Pham and myself is now up!! This time, we got to interview award-winning cartoonist, Steven Weissman who has a new book out with Fantagraphics Books called "Chocolate Cheeks". You can listen to it here:


ALSO, if you haven't done so already, you should also give a listen to an inspiring chat we had with acclaimed cartoonist Dylan Horrocks who has just released a new edition of his comics masterpiece "Hicksville" with Drawn & Quarterly.


AND before that we got to finally interview a special guest who also has a new book out, Lark Pien! Her graphic novel, "Long Tail Kitty", published by Blue Apple Books, is now out in bookstores across the country. Listen to our interview with her here:


We were pretty excited to get to talk/listen to such great artists. Hope you get to enjoy them too!

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This Is The Day - Part 5

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To Be Continued ...
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