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Halloween Fun Times

We had such memorable costumes. I think my sister holds the record for wearing that witch costume for 5-6 years in a row. And don't get me started on the "80s Ghost". That was my brother's idea. Anyway, happy halloween to all. And Happy Birthday to Dodo!

He Writes, She Sleeps, I Eat

I was eating my burrito (actually, Ken's burrito) and I turned around and saw him writing and Cat sleeping peacefully. Then I suddenly realized that it was strangely quiet, kind of like the same feeling you get when you look up from the book you're reading in the library and realize where you are. No TV (NO "Heroes"!), no music, no noise from the street, and I thought... "Wow, is this the very last scene on earth or what?!?" Thank god, it wasn't... I think. I mean, I KNOW.

Did I really get through that alive?

OH BOY, the last page I just finished last night was a killer, okay. I ran the gambit of emotions before finishing it. I was kind of trying to ignore it there, just sitting on my desk, mocking me. It was really bumming me out! But, I finally worked it all out, and we're friends now. But let's forget about all that and post a panel for the new Namby Pamby #5!

Good (Bad)

Note that I wrote the caption when the only thing on the page was the glass of water. Drawing glasses with liquids in them, all dripping of condensation, is an exercise in concentration. Everything felt good with the world when I had that the glass of water down pat. However, I have a tendency to add more and clutter a page, and then it goes all downhill from there. Do you even see the glass of water now? Sometimes when I see this, I love it. Other times, eh.

Good morning, moon.

Early morning, the white moon loomed largely in front of our living room window. 30 minutes later it traveled to the kitchen window, and changed to a deep orange, as the sun took over the sky. I could have stood in front of the kitchen sink for hours, charting the moon's course till it disappeared into the distance. Then I wondered who would be the next person to see the moon in it all its glory and in what country they'd be in. Of course I could just look at a map for this, but I'm glad you bore with me at least till the end of this paragraph. THE END.

Fortune's Fool

Okay, I guess I need to do a better job at hiding my bad attitude. It must have been sooo bad that my chinese take-out place had to remind me in not just one, but TWO fortune cookies. Maybe my mom put them up to this. At least, the broccoli chicken was good.

Earning his way towards social security

Awh, i love my brother. He's one of the greatest men in my life. This is a sketch from a picture taken the morning of first day to his first-ever job. He was the pizza maker in the local Giant Eagle ("Iggle"). My dad took this picture. He was never so prouder of him. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was weird not seeing him around for the next 8 hours. Oh well, more pancakes for me!

Before I can think straight

Note to self, don't draw things before you've really woken up and maybe had a sip of a caffeinated beverage.

That game was just such an annoying thing to watch. We never seem to be able to win a game televised on national network TV. It's as if we freeze up because of the pressure, or play so sluggishly that we have no idea what's going on in the field. Notice how I say "we" in these previous sentences, as if I was actually playing this game. Boy, fanaticism can make this girl go batty.

But onto happier thoughts such as...the new King Cat #68 is now available! Go get it!

Tea For Two, Two for Tea

Yeah, i know i messed up on the plates. I freaked out. I was so happy that the teapot came out the way it did, that i was thinking "man, this sketch would totally blow if i screwed up the last bit... the plates in the back"... Dang, talk about a horrible 9th inning bullpen disaster. Yeah, it's a baseball metaphor. Forgive me.

Also, lately I've been reading the comic blog posts of Rutu Modan on the NY Times website. I got word of these from Jillian Tamaki's blog I really love the storytelling in these strips about her family and nostalgic episodes in her life.

This was wednesday

Have you ever watched "Animal Precinct" on the Animal Planet channel? I took a break from it and started watching it again. Crazy cases of animal cruelty ensue! This one, I think was supposed to be a special episode where the animal Fuzz tell their most memorable stories. One was of this black lab who had a huge tumor hanging from his face. It was soo heavy that it was dragging the skin over his left eye so it looked like he had only one eye... "Awh, man! Why you even got to do a thing!" Anyway, there was also a case about a dog with 200 ticks on him, but that was actually grosser to draw than the huge tumor dog. After this episode, there was a show about parasites found in your body. The Animal Planet has some grossie shows.

Oh Ruth!

Here's a panel from the latest Namby Pamby/Heirloom project....after much effort. Ha ha! Awh, that Ruth sure seems to be having fun! I have to admit, I'm having much more fun too with the stories in this upcoming comic. Even though people might find it another yawner or a crapper, it's all good to me.

Back in the Cavern

Well, still working on the comic. I'm on page 18 of who knows how many. Here's a picture of my desk again. No, I don't draw in the dark (maybe mentally though.) I just had to throw something in the garbage can there, and then I thought, "hey, that's some good lighting." And technically, I tend to draw more on my coffee table in the living room in front of the TV and dirty everything up with eraser marks. Also, sometimes I take a break to eat Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.

Anyway, on my breaks, I also tend to recommend some places to visit. Like here for Hellen and Lark's awesome exhibits. And here, here, and here to find out what great new stuff I'll be missing out at SPX. Do you know other good comics I'll be missing? Let me know!

genuine doodle

Oh migoodness. Yeah, this is one of those doodles that makes no sense. Actually, it's about all these people watching Monday Night football. But, really, it still makes no sense, sort of. Well, it's cute.

"Coersing" = 83 points

I love drawing arrows. Arrows are fun. What is not fun is when someone uses all their letters on the last turn of a Scrabble game and still asks me how much my remaining letters add up to, so they can add it to their final point total of the game. That is downright insulting and bad playmanship. Actually, I probably would have done that too myself. What I will do right now though is blame this loss on my being more focused on the Green Bay Packers game as well as drawing in my sketchbook, than coming up with a word for my next turn, because in my game excuses are welcomed.


Here's a sketch I did this morning, done with my ole Tombow dual brush marker which I haven't used in a while. I'm not sure why. I actually think I forgot I had it. The marker has two tips on either side: one being a big felt-tip brush and the other a medium nylon-tip. Anyway, I always liked using the Tombow pen because the nylon-tipped side makes a crisp "crackling" line that cuts into the paper nice. The brush pen side is now losing ink (supposedly there's only 1 ink reservoir for both tips), but it still makes a nice faint gradient for shadows. In case you're wondering, this is a sketch from a Paris photograph mixed in with random objects on my coffee table.

Is "furiate" a word?

Suffice it to say, I didn't win the scrabble game.