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Something happened, i think, that made us all act surprised.


He's been sporting a moustache lately.

Before my time off


Lame game

I was still shaking when I drew this.


OMG! OMG! The new Namby Pamby is out!!!! Actually it's not, but it's very close. This is just from a dummy cover that i created for the "in-progress" Namby Pamby book. See, I print out the pages that I have done already and put them in book-form. So when I'm on the bus or sitting in the living room, I can look at them in their final scale, and see how the images look in that size and how the story flows from one page to the next. (I'm posting this because the doodle I drew today was scanned poorly and looks like ca-ca poo-poo.)

From the weekend


Through the woods in a snowy evening, I wish.

Even in California, you can tell that Fall is here. Driving through Hwy 17, leaves were changing and the wind was crisp and cold. We could see the pine-covered hills in the distance, and I just wanted it to snow right then and there. Of course, if that ever would have happened, it would have been a horrible ride through all the twists and turns. So I dunno... but, yes, Fall has arrived!

The makings of a man

Awwht. Poor Ruth.

Yahtzee Clouds


Wonderful, wonderful

I haven't had a chance to post this ballpoint pen doodle from Friday evening. It was just a nice Fall night with family, eating good food and drinking some good wine. (Please, I am not a wine conniseur by any means, but it was nice.) The only bad thing about the evening though, was that we didn't get to go sing karaoke after. Damn.


That game was incredible. No, impossible! I have never seen us play that well against a most hated rival ever. And what a night to win it, with all the Steeler greats present for the 75th Anniversary celebration. What a nice way to honor those guys. Awesome way to honor the tradition. I hope we keep winning games like this one in the second half of the season. Go! Go! Go! Okay, yeah, yeah, back to art and creative stuff, okay. okay.

"On a night, just like tonight..."

Anyway, that was one heck of a Colt-Patriots game, but got to give the Colts credit for starting out agressive and the Patriots keeping their composure at the end. With all of that said... GO STILLERS!

ps. Large Marge.

Thursday Sigh-of-the-Day

I wasn't the only one transfixed by this. Many of the other people on my bus took double-takes and sat in contorted fashion to stare at this all the way across the bridge. It was like we were seeing a quadruple rainbow, and Michael Jordan and Hulk Hogan were having tea on a fluffy cloud, while Moses yelled from afar "Let my people go!"

edit: rescanned for better image quality. people were havin' problems reading it.