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The news is depressing


Back to normal?

This is the only time I did work this weekend.

Wow, back from Stumptown, which was a blast. The reading went well, thanks to my dad. It was a great chance to hang out with comics friends who I haven't seen in so long. And Portland is an awesome city. I love the architecture, the signs, the food, the beer! Excellent! The weather was so great this weekend, not raining as the meteorologists on the Weather channel had supposed. I'll definitely be back soon.

Here's some more pix from the show

Few and Far Between

Hope to see you at Stumptown, maybe?

She's loud, okay.

Also, do we all have to know how crappy her investments are doing? No!

Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

Hello, no doodle today, because I wanted to tell you of a reading I'm doing up in Portland this Friday, April 25th, at Guapo Comics to kick off the Stumptown Comics extravaganza. I'll be reading pages of a story that I'm (still) working on for Namby Pamby #5. Comics wonder-stars like Jason Shiga and Alixopulos will be there to read from their latests books too! So hope to see you there! I've never done a reading before, so at least show up to cheer me on while I make a fool out myself trying to speak in my dad's voice. Also, in other news, my minicomic Doodle Daze was nominated for a Kukoc Award. As Lark says in Christopher Walken's voice "Wowie, wow, wow!"

Cafe Hot Stuff

I drew a new doodle. I remember, yes. It was last weekend, but only now have I had time to scan it. It was in Starbucks, near the window looking out at Gaylords. This one girl bought something from Starbucks and then sat in Gaylords. What does that mean? Anyway, I was busy dealing with the plot points of this story that I'm working on, and then all of a sudden this lean and too-too tanned Asian dude with shoulder length hair, wearing only silky short shorts, was skateboarding down the street like it was Rodeo Drive. Big yellow headphones locked in place, this cool-ass MOFO surpentined (is that a word) down the avenue through traffic, blazing everything and everyone that came in his path. This dude was smoooth! A little boy stopped in the middle of traffic and gasped, mouth agape. Whoooa! Then the disco Asian dude proceeded to get off his skateboard, greeted everybody like he was entering a big discoteque, and then propped his feet on top of one of those East Bay Express newspaper …

Forget me not...

...because I surely haven't forgotten this blog. I've been on a personal deadline to get some stories done. I was supposed to finish one story this weekend, but the nice weather made me forget it! hee hee. But here is one panel from the secret story! (I actually drew a doodle for today, but it was scanned very bad indeed!

What to do?

When all else fails, just draw your desk.

Men are from Venus, Cartoonists are from Jupiter

Jupiter, upstairs. From last night's comix jam.