Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

Hello, no doodle today, because I wanted to tell you of a reading I'm doing up in Portland this Friday, April 25th, at Guapo Comics to kick off the Stumptown Comics extravaganza. I'll be reading pages of a story that I'm (still) working on for Namby Pamby #5. Comics wonder-stars like Jason Shiga and Alixopulos will be there to read from their latests books too! So hope to see you there! I've never done a reading before, so at least show up to cheer me on while I make a fool out myself trying to speak in my dad's voice. Also, in other news, my minicomic Doodle Daze was nominated for a Kukoc Award. As Lark says in Christopher Walken's voice "Wowie, wow, wow!"