Whirlwind Weekend

This is all I could muster

This is all I could really muster this weekend. This and the zine fest. The Sparkplug reading on Thursday kicked the weekend off, and was a great way to start a crazy, tiring weekend. Got to learn more about the motives and ideas behind Jason Shiga and Trevor Alixopulos' books, and also excited to see the final product of Hellen Jo's upcoming book from her presentation of her works-in-progress. The CAM reading also went well, lots of funny and diverse stories, and a really great energetic crowd. The zine fest itself was pretty busy, moreso Sunday with I guess the Aids Walk happening nearby. It was fun to hang out with some great friends and inspirational artists, but also really grueling. But nonetheless, It was a great positive time, and I was able to pick up some new minis. Can't wait till next year!