Warren Craghead

You know, I don't take advantage of this blog enough to plug stuff, I'm not sure why that is, but today I wanted to share with you an online comic done by one of my favorite artists, Warren Craghead. There's something really magical that I find about his drawings. In the last Comix Claptrap episode, Thien Pham and I talked about cartoonists that we wished we could publish if we were comics publishers. Usually I have a list in my head specifically for this, but during the podcast, I got a brainfart. Anyway, Warren is one of the artists I would love to publish or at least see published more. Don't you think his work would be so beautiful in a coffee table book or make a great addition to Fantagraphics' Mome? Anyway, check out his new comic up on the Top Shelf Comix website:


and also check out his website and blog at: