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dippy pen

i had another title for this one, but i forgot what it was going to be.

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latest podcast episode

It occurs to me that I never posted this and what a big error on my part! Recently Thien and I interviewed great cartoonists Andrice Arp and Jesse Reklaw for our New Years episode of the Comix Claptrap. Give a listen, it was fun!

Check back later on, a new episode will be posted very soon!

i got it at Ross


For Lark's Show

Lark Pien has a solo show going on right now. You should definitely go to it! Lots of new paintings and drawings by a great cartoonist and friend.

Here's more info:

She also invited some of us neighbors to collaborate with her for her show. Here are 4 that I did that are in the show. I had fun making them! Thanks Lark!

this month's Cat drawing


an overdone bun in the oven

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2009 is still a little bit 2008

Oh wow, is this LATE or what?!? There are so many Best of the Year comics lists that I've read on the internet, some I agree with, others not so much... so like any other blogger, I thought why not make a list of my own? It's what any real blogger would do! So, here are some of the books of 2008 that I've actually read that got me enthusiastic about comics-making again. It's not ordered and it's hardly an authoratative list, meaning that I'm a real expert on this stuff, ha. But again, I DO have to protect my blogger cred, so here goes:

"Haunted" - Philippe Dupuy - I was excited to see what Dupuy would do in a solo project and I was pretty blown away. I love the sketchbook style of his art, the movement of the lines, very animated and spontaneous.

"Jamilti and Other Stories" - Rutu Modan - this collection gave me a bigger glimpse of the depth of Rutu Modan's talent. I liked exploring the stylistic progression that she goes through from her …

I got Yahtzee three times in one game.

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there's more to life than kobe and lebron


Don't Let It Get You Down

From my contribution to the next issue of Stripburger,

Now I have time to clean out my sock drawer

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