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dad wakes up

drawn on the bus this morning, taken with my phone, replaced some grays with whites in photoshop

New episode

We've posted a new episode of our comics podcast, The Comix Claptrap. Check it out:

Hello friends! Thien and Rina are back...again (Rina had a terrible cold last month)! This time they sit down with cartoonists Hellen Jo (Jin and Jam #1, Blister) and Calvin Wong (Ramble On #1, Hattie et Millie) and have a fun-filled conversation about cheese-filled hot dogs, Calvin's hair, noise art, and of course COMICS! And no episode would be complete without our new comics correspondent, Josh Frankel who might or might include a new Euro comic among his latest finds at Comic Relief. Join the party!

a phone call with pops

panel for the book.

oldie but goodie, Week 14

I can post this now. This was from Christmastime 2008, Week 14...

CAM Small Press Spotlight, March 14 - June14

I think I can post about this now. I currently have some original comic art and sketchbook strips being exhibited at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum, as a part of their Small Press Spotlight! Many thanks to Andrew Farago.

Cartoon Art Museum
Small Press Spotlight
Featuring: Rina Ayuyang

March 14, 2009 – June 14, 2009

friday dust-up

dippy pen, again.

labor pains-in-the-ass

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New Phew

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hem haw hee


there seems to be a pattern here

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"It was a very good year for small town girls and soft summer nights..."

2008 was pretty damn nice. It feels like a long time ago already though, but enough about my hangups... Rob Clough wrote an online piece for The Comics Journal and included doodle DAZE in his Ten Great Minicomics of 2008!

To get a copy of doodle DAZE for yourself, you can buy it at my lil' shop:


for the book.