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See Us Go Over the Edge!

Kick off the Memorial Day weekend plans with a reading and slide show presentation of comics, comics, comics! Join six Bay Area cartoonists, Trevor Alixopulos, Rina Ayuyang, Ben Catmull, Josh Frankel, Renee French and Lark Pien as they showcase their latest comics endeavors!!

Comics Over the Edge!
A Six-cartoonist Reading Event
Thursday, May 27, 7:30pm

Pegasus Books

2349 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA

Trevor Alixopulos,
Rina Ayuyang,
Ben Catmull,
Josh Frankel,
Renee French,
Lark Pien,

Made-Up Desktop

When I was a kid, I would draw a series of made-up desktop scenes because I never really had a desk. So I would dream some up and draw them. I wish I had those drawings here so I could scan them into a set. I think they are still at home buried under some notebooks or something in the closet. Just another thing I forgot to do when I was home. So, this is a homage back to those days and especially to White-Out which I would also draw a lot... as well as musilage.



Hot Times in Cold Places

Motivated by the comics experience I had in The Burgh, I was excited to be traveling to Canada to exhibit at the Toronto Comics Arts Fetival. After a scary flight in a plane that had propellers, I joined my non-comics friend Annie who would be touring the city while I "slaved" away at the show. The weather was brisk and drizzly. It reminded me of a rainy day on Montmartre. I bought an umbrella at the drug store in the subway, and we strolled to a great nearby Italian restaurant, Cafe Nervosa. Anyway, we tried to walk off our dinner by touring the University of Toronto/Trinity College campus. I am always in love with gothic architecture as Annie models below.

That night, I attended the Dan Clowes event at the Toronto Public library (TPL). There was a huge crowd of young and old, very excited and stylish fans. Lots of people with glasses, including me. I was finally happy to get some wi-fi to access important business documents like Facebook and Gmail Chat. I realized that duri…

Whirlwinding into Pittsburgh, PA

Ah! I made it back to the Burgh! (aka PGH, aka Pittsburgh PA, aka The City of Bridges, etc..) It's been about 6-7 years since I made the trip back, mainly delayed because I hate to fly. God, what a wimp. Anyway, I made it safe and sound at 12am on Saturday morning, got the rental car (did you know that an HHR is considered Economy size?) and listened to Trevor Alixopulos' Spring Mix while driving in the dark, on the winding I-276. It was good to be home again.

Saturday early morning, I enjoyed a fun phone conversation with Anne Reilly from the Pittsburgh City Paper while standing outside of the Epworth Church's flea market. While my mom got 3 boxes of random stuff like found photographs and a clock with a hobo drinking beer, I talked to Anne about the book and the Burgh. She did this nice write up for the reading that was to come at the ToonSeum. You can read the article here. By the way, Epworth Church's volunteers make a mean cup of Joe! No kidding!

After eating some p…