Original Gangsta

dylan williams, rina ayuyang
Photo by Nate Beaty

If there ever was a reason to do some kind of Kickstarter campaign, or raise money for, my publisher and above all else, my dear FRIEND, Dylan Williams would be it. It saddened me to hear that he's going through some tough times health-wise. Dylan is someone who has been a steady figure in the comics community -- tirelessly exhibiting at shows, big and small, from Comic Con to Sacramento IndyEuphoria, getting the word out about under-represented, off-the-beaten-path comics creators. He's done so much for other people including me. It only make sense to do something for him. So, if you have money to spare, please take time out to buy from the great mix of books Dylan has published primarily as labors of love through the years. He's one of the few fearless indie comics publisher and mini-comics distributors still out there today. He's also one of the nicest, humblest, funniest and most supportive guys in town who can put up with pests like me.