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APE Times!

Still a little woozy from all the craziness that was the Alternative Press Expo (APE) last weekend, but wanted to write a quick recap since, as I've been saying for weeks now, the show marked Yam Books' eagerly-anticipated debut of its first planned book "Ticket Stub" by Tim Hensley. Here's Tim and I at our table. The only thing missing was our bud and table mate, Lark Pien who was hanging out with cartoonists Megan Kelso and Ellen Forney down in Florida for a cartoonist residency for the week. It was super duper having Tim at the show to finally celebrate the fruits of our labor. All of our hard work and all the emails back and forth paid off with a beautifully-designed book that we are really proud of. The last time I saw Tim in person was at APE a couple of years ago when he was a part of the gigantic Kramers Ergot 8 book tour. He's a funny, VERY humble and talented guy. My only regret is that I didn't rescue him from staying at a hotel called the V…

APE 2012: Ticket Stub Debuts and Other Awesome News!

Whoa, you guys, this year has really flown by! I still have yet to write con reports for the previous shows that I've attended this year, which were amazing, but now another show is starting up: The 2012 Alternative Press Expo (APE) this weekend right across the bay in San Francisco, CA! Woot, woot! Check out that flyer above created by Gilbert Hernandez! As my 3-year old nephew says, "What the?!?"

I will be exhibiting at the show for my new publishing project, Yam Books and Lark Pien's Little Bird Books. Lark is currently at the Graphic Novel Residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, but I will represent her as professionally as I can at the show. I will have our Yam Books/Lark Pien collaboration, Lollygag, a sketchbook anthology that Lark edited featuring the compulsive doodles of some of the innovative and exciting cartoonists today such as Dan Zettwoch, Vanessa Davis, Renee French, Dylan Horrocks, and many more.

ALSO, I am very glad t…