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Accentuate the Positive

Back to work now that the holidays are over. I am thankful for a great 2012 creatively with so many lifetime goals met and projects completed. Tom Spurgeon at the Comics Reporter wrote a nice piece about my debut as a publisher of Yam Books being a positive comics thing to happen in 2012. Really honored to be included! Here's the link:

50 Comics Positives In 2012: Rina Ayuyang, Publisher

I've just posted the catalog of upcoming 2013 releases at the Yam Books website. I'm very excited to be working with Sacha Mardou, Renee French, and Onsmith -- three artists whose work through the years has exhilarated and inspired me as an artist and as a comics fan. There will be more information to come as each book is released through the year.

And yes, I'm still going to be drawing comics this year. I hope! I mean, I plan! My book about all things corny and dancing, Blame it on the Boogie

My Favorite 2012 Things

2013 is here! Whee! With that said, let us not forget the magic that was 2012. In the coming days or weeks, or someday, I'm going to post recaps of all the memorable events that I guess I was just too busy or dizzy to write about right after they happened, like my time at the CAKE show in Chicago, or being invited to talk comics with Gene Yang and Derek Kirk Kim at Stanford University. I will, however, spare you my recap about going to a live taping of "Dancing with the Stars" because I know you'd rather see that documented in a comic COMING OUT THIS SPRING (Yes, that was free advertising there). Oh, but my! Did the year go really fast! Seriously, each month seemed to start on the 15th day. Anyway, I've always tried to list my favorite comics for each year on this blog, and I'm now prompted  especially to do so for 2012 because I got to attend more comics shows than I ever did before in my life. So the experience has made my heart grow 3 sizes bigger for al…