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2014 - Something to Remember

Happy New Year, everyone! Yes, I know it's already the end of January. I am a little late. Time definitely moves quickly. Last year alone went out like a light --so many events but little time to reflect on them. I had lofty ambitions to write recaps right after every show I attended last year, but got distracted with something or other. So then I had this wonderful idea to write a lengthy year-in-review during the last waning hours of New Years Eve but I again got sidetracked by other things (actually I fell asleep.) Needless to say there were many reminders in the news in 2014 that good things can be few and far between in this life, so here I am FINALLY taking a moment to stop and celebrate the positive moments of 2014 that I'm thankful to have been apart of in some way. Also, this gives me the perfect opportunity to write mini-recaps of all the comic shows I've exhibited in the last year. So heads up, this is a long post.

Praise for 'Hagelbarger' and 'Sky …