Blame This on the Boogie 

“Ayuyang’s visuals are wonderfully musical, lilting across the pages with energy and movement.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

Fall 2018, 200 pp, Full Color, $24.95 CAD/$22.95 USD
Inspired by the visual richness and cinematic structure of the Hollywood Musical, Blame this on the Boogie chronicles the adventures of a Filipino American girl born in the decade of disco who escapes life’s hardships and mundanity through through the genre's feel good song and dance numbers. "Boogie" explores how the glowing charm of the silver screen can transform one’s reality, shaping their approach to childhood, relationships, sports, reality TV, and eventually politics, parenthood, and mortality.

Whirlwind Wonderland

2009, 128 pp, b/w interior with color sketchbook section 
My first graphic novel collects favorite stories from the Namby Pamby minicomic series and various anthology contributions as well as new stories that center around family, cultural history, football fanaticism, and thoughts on a crazy but lovable father. Also includes a 10 page color section of doodle diary strips. Thanks to the great Sparkplug Comic Books and Tugboat Press for publishing this Ignatz-nominated book.